Wine Tours Tuscany – Different Types Of Tours And Their Timings

Wine tours are a famous thing among the Tuscans. If someone is visiting Tuscany and are not going for the wine tour Tuscany, they are really not getting to the vacation point. There are indeed many things about Tuscany that attracts a lot of people, but there is nothing better than the wine tour.

All the customers can go for either a group tour or a private tour. Here are the different types of tours they provide their customers,
1. Total immersion wine tour and the blind tasting: Sometimes, our perception about things is interrupted because of what we see; they eliminate that with the black glasses. There will be a beautiful way to see the place, and it will help acquire insight into organic agriculture too. Another thing about this tour is that it is for 2.5 hours.
2. Full immersion with mini tasting course: For people who don’t know anything about wine, it is like a crash course for them. It will be possible to tell others about it like a professional too in front of the wine drinkers. This tour is for about 2 hours and seems like minutes when it passes.
3. Classic wine tour experience: This one is for 1 hour.With five different types of wine tasting, this package includes cheese tasting too. Isn’t it the best way to savor the taste and looking at the organic way of everything?
4. Mini wine tour: 40 minutes of this tour includes several wine tastes and the best view of the winery from the rooftop. Also, not forgetting the tasting of homemade olive oil by them. Olive oil complements the wine tasting too.
Overall, these four types of packages are really fun and exciting. There will be a great experience at the end of the day and worth of money.

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